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Dear Barry
At Poldhu we have been using your DVD's and CD's for a while now and have found them very useful for a number of resident's needs in the following areas:-

Group Activities
We watch the DVD'S as a group and imagine we are travelling along the river and through woodlands, after we have watched the film we talk together about the memories it brings back and it encourages residents to talk to each other and also gives them confidence to do this.

Our residents with Dementia like to watch the films in our sensory room one to one where there are no distractions they find this very calming.

Lounge & Visitors
We also have a lounge area where people sit and chat but find the DVD'S are good for background use to just look up from what they are doing and watch. Also our visitors enjoy watching them.

We use them for the people we have who suffer from sundowners, It gives them a distraction and find it helps them settle before having supper and going to bed which can be a very difficult time for them and the staff.

We have a lady who has very severe anxiety we use the CD for her and it relaxes her to the stage that she calms right down and even relaxes and goes to sleep listening to it.

Staff Benefit
The Staff also benefit from them as they sometimes have stressful times in the day and find if they can sit in our sensory room for 5 to 10 mins just watching a bit of the DVD they feel relaxed and calmer to continue with their work. In fact I have even taken one home with me after a very busy and stressful day sat down with a glass of wine put my feet up and put the DVD on and completely relaxed........ Bliss thank you.


Sue Giles
Activities Co-ordinator
The Poldhu
Poldhu Cove
TR12 7JB

"This DVD is a fantastic therapy tool"

"In the hands of creative and innovative therapists it comes into its own, facilitating opportunities for discussion and conversation from talking about and remembering days out when younger, to fears and worries, and from ways to manage stress to enhancing relaxation sessions extending on the imagery."

"The DVD facilitated and generated the use of metaphor to discuss 'difficult issues' -  from difficulties with social interaction to dealing with life's inevitable journeys and rites of passage - birth and death, love and loss, including developmental with one client discussing Erikson's Eight Stages of Development; trust, autonomy, initiative, industry, identity, intimacy, contribution and integrity. (Reference:  Erikson, E 'Childhood and Society' 1950)

"Amazingly calming - I'm going to share this with my friends and relatives as well, I want and I am going to buy one for myself....I will definitely be showing this to the rest of my team - we need them."

Many of the above comments were gathered independently during a survey on the Calmer By Nature DVD kindly conducted by MBB Connections Ltd (Therapy and Training Consultancy)

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